After all, that's why you hired me!  And I want this session to be what you’ve imagined it to be.  During our Meet-Up Consultation we talked about the ideas you had for your session.  But you also called ME because you like my photographic style.  While I will get the groupings and/or images you desire, you’ll also see me capturing candid moments or perhaps standing on a ladder or laying on the ground for those unique angles which will make your images pop!
Inspiration is everything!
To help inspire us both for the mood, setting and posing for your session, check out my Pinterest Page (click the icon below).  There are several boards that fit just about every photo session scenario you can think of.  The pins you'll see are my personal favorites from the internet and even include some of my own work.  
While you browse, I'll email you an invitation to join a private TCM Pinterest Board so together we can collaborate (by all means, also invite whomever is in the shoot or can help inspire you!).  Your pin suggestions will give me a better idea of your personal style.  Just keep in mind that this is YOUR photo shoot and we want it to be UNIQUE!  The images we collaborate on in your Pinterest Board are strictly meant for inspiration!
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