Honestly, we can shoot just about anywhere, even your own backyard.  But you also might want a different scenery.  The beauty is you can be as adventurous with locations as you want, but it all comes back to your personality, style and the "story" you want your session to tell.
Perhaps you'd like a more rustic feel to your photos.  Then you may want to consider having your portrait session on a farm or an apple orchard!
Is your style more urban?  Let's hit the streets of the city!  Background crowds, city lights, and awesome structures can bring life and excitement to your shoot!
Or do you prefer the beauty that nature has to offer?  Image a long line of trees, a babbling brook, or some beautiful rocks to pose on.
IMPORTANT: Wherever you chose, aside from your own backyard, keep in mind that some parks, orchards, trails and city structures may have restrictions, regulations or guidelines for formal/private photography.  Permits or applications may be required.
Here are a couple of prop ideas that you may consider bringing to make your session unique:  
Balloons, bubbles, books, flowers, graduation caps, favorite family heirloom, etc.  Bring what you like if you feel it fits your story, family/group style and the scene.  Just try to keep it simple so it’s not too much of a distraction for your pet or your children.
During our Meet-Up Consultation and based on what you’ve told me was your vision for your session, I may be bringing some unique props that you may want to use!
And let's not forget that the outdoors and location chosen may offer some fabulous natural props!
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