This is YOUR photo shoot.  You may already have a vision for what your portraits will look like.  You may even have an idea of what you and/or your family/children will be wearing.  And that’s great!  We want your portraits to capture you feeling and looking your very best!  But if you have no idea what to wear for your photo shoot, DON’T panic!  I’ve got you covered!!
Choose outfits that will provide you with the most comfort and confidence
The key is not only to feel as relaxed and comfortable as possible, but also to look like your genuine, best self. Choose outfits that give you a natural boost of confidence about your appearance, but also outfits that allow freedom of movement. The look and fit of each outfit directly affects your mood and demeanor during the photo shoot. If you try to wear any outfit during a photo shoot that’s restrictive or doesn’t represent who you truly are (and this can include makeup and hair style), these factors could negatively influence the outcome of the photographs. In other words, set everyone up that’s in the shoot to look and feel their very best so that is precisely what the camera captures.
And don’t forget to dress from “head to toe”…literally!  Portraits of families and individuals in bare feet are fun!  So now’s the time for mom (and dad!) to splurge on a pedicure!
Don't invite too much distraction from the main subject of the photographs; YOU!
Even if you want to showcase your favorite articles of clothing, you might do yourself a disservice by choosing clothes with over-the-top vibrant colors.  Choose soft tones like pastels!  For group photos, compliment each other in the photograph.  How about dad wears a bright pastel blue dress shirt and his little girl wears the same color bow in her hair?! 
For larger groups, avoid busy and competing patterns and use caution when wearing a completely different color, especially when that color is very bright or in stark contrast to the rest of the family.
The same goes for accent pieces; it's perfectly okay to wear jewelry or scarves, for example, but set a limit on how many accessories you wear as well as the color and size of each accessory. Make accessory selections simple and removable and keep in mind that the photograph is meant to capture you, not your clothing or your favorite branded logo or sports team.
All of that said, children wearing oversized hats, glasses, scarves, or even tutus, etc., can be fun! 
Try on every outfit ahead of the photo session
Make sure everything is wrinkle and spot-free and that it all fits properly and flatters the body.  Ask other people whose opinions you trust if they think the outfit looks good on you. 
If you’re planning on having hair colored or cut, it’s best to have it done at least two weeks prior to the shoot.
Maternity wear?  Congrats!
Since your main focus is the bump, don’t let anything take away attention from it like patterns or prints.  Wear solid colors for your bump to stand out the most!  If you think solids are too boring, then bring in a fun accessory like a necklace or scarf.  Maxi dresses are incredibly comfortable but are also very flattering. The flowing fabric is amazing when the wind catches it.
Think about going “timeless”
You don’t want to look back at your photos 20 years from now and think to yourself, “What on earth was I thinking?”  To avoid that, go for a simple, timeless look like jeans, a simple top, boots, etc.  Remember comfort and accessories which can always help spice things up.
Factor in your shoot location and the season when planning your outfit
You’ll photograph very differently against a plain or neutral backdrop than when you’re in a bright autumn forest.  Be prepared for different poses which may include sitting or kneeling.  And consider on-location sites when you choose your footwear, like avoiding heels in the forest or on the beach.  Is this a session for Christmas but it’s only October?  You still may want a coat to give your photo that holiday feel!
The final tip!
Below is a simple pastel color chart.  Think about where your shoot is.  Will it be shot in the woods?  Well then green probably shouldn't be your first choice.  Choose a contrasting color like a light red or soft red-purple/violet to make you stand out!
Remember: "Samey same same" CAN work, but consider being comfortable, think about your surroundings, make a statement with accessories, and choose simple patterns and colors that make everyone in the photograph look and feel their very best!
If you have any questions or concerns about your outfit options, or if you’d like to send photos of your suggested outfits for feedback, don’t hesitate to email or call me.  I'm here to help!!
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