Suzy is FULL of energy and personality on any given day.
You prepare and plan and pay in advance for this mini photo session, and the minute Suzy’s in front of a camera she freezes.  She won’t smile.  Or worse, she cries.  What should we do?
Children are unpredictable, a little crazy, and a complete blast!  My best advice?  Just let them be children.  Especially for little ones; let them run, play, giggle and be silly, just for this session.  This is a short session that’s meant to showcase your family AS IS; tantrums, smiles, goofiness and all!  Plus…I have a few tricks up my sleeve in order to get her attention.
Does Suzy have a favorite doll?  Does Johnny have a cool truck he loves?  Bring it with you!  We can use it as a motivator or even incorporate it in the shot.  It doesn’t hurt to have a motivating toy or planned reward for doing great!  
TICKLE TICKLE!  You can help bring on the smiles with tickles, peek-a-boos, playing tag, etc.  These "lifestyle" images are my clients most favorite captured moments!  In between, if everyone's agreeable, we'll stop and try some posed shots.
Eyes on me, please!
Adults, when we are trying a posed shot, I'll cue you when I need to have your eyes on me/the camera and not the beautiful scenery around us, or your pet/children.  Every moment is a CAPTURED MOMENT!  You never know when I’m going to snap THE shot!
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